Pre-gaming Super Bowl LIII

The 53rd Super Bowl in the NFL takes place Sunday February 3rd and the betting lines will changing for months leading up to the event. Covering the best Super Bowl betting odds and keeping up with the lines is a full time job but we love it.

The Patriots are currently 5-1 to take the championship again, while the Eagles and Steelers are sitting at 8-1. Using the best bookies with decent betting apps and good odds is essential during the regular season leading up to the big event.

Regular season NFL betting starts September 6, the first lines we’re seeing currently are with the September 9th, 2018 starting games. We’ll follow the action and have our eye on the best betting lines so that everyone is ready from the first kickoff to the last touchdown in 2019.

Checking out the best USA betting apps for NFL games is a good starting points but we’re breaking this down for each country this year.

Best USA Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds

Best Canada Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds

Best European Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds

Best Latin American Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds

Covering every countries different bookies, the best lines and odds at different times as well as which iphone and android apps actually work. That along with real money sports betting and bitcoin sports betting increasing this year, we will have more than enough options for players to get their bets in to win big at the Bowl.