NFL Sports Betting 2018

The NFL betting apps are getting hotter than ever before for online gamblers to throw down their bets on every game. Depending where you live and if you use Iphone or Android, we found the sports betting sites with the best odds for you. Every country has different bookies taking bets for players, so USA sports bets and United Kingdom bookies are completely different.

For anyone on a laptop don’t worry, the best apps obviously have a desktop version available that are listed for each country.

We’ve broken everything down by country, best betting odds and software available, most have a sign up bonus added for good measure when you click our link to sign up.

Best USA NFL Betting Odds

Best Canada NFL Betting Odds

Best United Kingdom NFL Betting Odds

Popular sports betting sites like Bet365 bets to betway and bovada are covered for all countries they accept bets in. Every sports book will have Super Bowl betting lines leading up to the big game and we will definitely be watching to place our bets.

Regular season games for in the NFL will all have odds from the same betting sites for every country, the super bowl just brings out a lot of bad bets every year to make the action that much better.

Check back often to see if any new sports betting sites start taking bets.