England Premier League Betting

Premier League Betting 2018

The Premier League betting odds are quite competitive with in-play bets by all the shops in the UK. These 20 teams play twice each year to see if Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea will win the championship. The rest of the teams don’t seem interested in winning the championship, as much as those three teams do, since the late 90’s.

We are all about playing the odds with these matches and betting against Stoke winning is always a good bet. If we could bet on worst betting shops in the UK, our money would be on Ladbrokes and William Hill. Complete tossers those two.

Skybet used to have some decent action but they’ve been taking the piss out of us lately. The best bookmaker odds recently are from these Swedish blokes from Unibet and sometimes those geezers at Betway give us a few quid. Plus, their iphone and android apps are way easier to use than those skybet wankers.

We’ll have more picks in the 2019 Premier League edition as this years been rather shit for great odds with some of these.